Exhibition dates: Open Sunday 30th Oct & Sunday 6th Nov 2011

Break your Own Pony - In the fireplace
Misc e.g. text, figurines, a half welly, Polaroid’s, sound, coconuts
(37cm x 30cm x 57cm)

We like the clichéd well-to-do ladies, Pony Club and Polo’s or the smell of wet leather or Jackie magazine or strong
thighs and shoveling shit or spoilt children demanding that Daddy buys them a pony or the wind blowing through
your hair as you ride your tamed Stallion or My Little Pony or judges, rosettes and tight hair or country life, whips
and gyrating or saying she’s a bit ‘Horsey’.

‘Break Your Own Pony - In the fireplace’ is a micro installation based on a live art performance created from a week
that we spent at a Horse Riding Centre systematically adapting to the language, movements and equipment. We
had never ridden before. The opportunity allowed us to learn and encompass all that it is to ride. We have included
all the left over objects, text, sound that we have become attached to and feel should have their own space.